Acceptable use policy


1. The TRIBE.MCR Website provides information and content relating to the personal training, group training, corporate wellness and other health and lifestyle services offered by TRIBE.MCR.

2. To ensure that you get the best out of the experience, TRIBE.MCR requires users of the TRIBE.MCR Website to agree to and follow these rules.

3. You are not permitted to submit through TRIBE.MCR’s contact/enquire now form, or post content relating to, or link to anything that:

3.1. is or could be considered to be sexually explicit or pornographic, or in TRIBE.MCR’s reasonable opinion presents children in a sexual way or promotes adult sexual services;

3.2. promotes violence, terrorism, terrorist activity or appears to create a risk of physical threat or harm, property damage or threatens public safety;

3.3. infringes third party intellectual property or industrial property rights such as copyright or trade marks, whether registered or unregistered and subsisting anywhere in the world;

3.4. includes hate speech or is defamatory of another person, company, organisation, government or public body;

3.5. suggests that you are supported, endorsed, affiliated or connected to, or licensed by or affiliated or connected to TRIBE.MCR, Eventbrite or any of TRIBE.MCR’s associates or contacts linked to on the TRIBE.MCR Website;

3.6. contains links to a competition, promotion or promotional event;

3.7. collects, retains, supplies, caches or stores personal data relating to other TRIBE.MCR Website users;

3.8. appears fraudulent, deceptive or deliberately misleading, or is, or could be considered to be confusing or contains content or information that in TRIBE.MCR’s reasonable opinion appears to be illegal;

3.9. is an attempt to use affiliate or redirect links in order to bypass or redirect traffic away from the TRIBE.MCR Website to another site;

3.10. tries to reverse engineer, copy, replicate or interfere with any of the TRIBE.MCR Website’s software, source or object code, including copying the look and feel or functionality of the TRIBE.MCR Website;

3.11. uses meta tags, cookies, hidden data, text or metadata with the TRIBE.MCR trade mark, URLs or the TRIBE.MCR name without Jessicarr Moorhouse’s express written permission;

3.12. interferes with any other TRIBE.MCR Website user or third-party website linked to on the TRIBE.MCR Website, or interferes with TRIBE.MCR’s host, server, domain name or network, for example by spamming, sending a worm, virus or Trojan, over-loading or mail-bombing the TRIBE.MCR Website; or

3.13. can be considered a violation of any law or regulation in the applicable jurisdiction where you are based.