Go on. Give it a go. Get outdoors with TRIBE.MCR®

It’s November. The nights are drawing in and the temptation to curl up on the sofa is most certainly on. So why are we at TRIBE.MCR® promoting Outdoor Group Training this Winter? Founder of TRIBE.MCR®, Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse, has enjoyed years of outdoor exercise and could tell you the endless benefits that she has experienced. But don’t just take Jessicarr’s word for it…. Let us explain the scientific evidence base behind outdoor exercise and why you should join us at #FINDYOURTRIBE Group Training at our Sadler’s Yard or South Manchester locations.


Many people in Manchester are fortunate enough to spend the majority of their time indoors. We work indoors, we travel to and from work in cars or on public transport and as winter draws in, our social activities tend to be based indoors. A meta-analysis in 2011, which summarised the data from a number of individual studies, showed that on average people spend less than 1.6 hours per day outdoors.

Unless you are planning a career change, it is likely that modifying the time you spend indoors for work or travel is unrealistic. However, you can do something about the rest of your day. Some people choose to walk for larger proportions of their commute, for example by getting of the tram or bus one stop earlier, or meeting their friends for a walk rather than a coffee. You can also choose to revamp your current indoor training and get outdoors…


At TRIBE.MCR, we harness the power of movement and exercise to promote all aspects of health, including mental well-being a social connectivity. Our outdoor Group Training sessions at Sadler’s Yard (every Wednesday 6.30pm) and those soon to be launched in South Manchester (Saturday 10.30am) are a perfect example of how we do this. Our clients enjoy being in the fresh air, they make new friends and they feel great. Since when were Mancunians put off by a bit of bad weather, anyway?

There is an abundance of research behind the benefits of outdoor exercise. A systematic review of 11 research papers, found that compared to indoor exercise, being outdoors promotes mental well-being, with participants reporting feeling ‘revitalised’,  more ‘positive’ and with ‘reduced tension’. Not only that, it encouraged participants to repeat the activity again.

Outdoor exercise has also been shown to affect your directed attention, meaning that you are able to focus more clearly on the exercise you are doing. Feeling free from the distractions of a traditional gym environment and the compelling stimuli from your mobile phone allows you to be more present during a training session. This allows you to escape from your thoughts, quieten your mind and enjoy the time you have committed to exercising.


Another interesting point is that when training outdoors, you are thought to have a lower perceived rate of exertion. This means that you work harder than you think you are. Several studies have shown that when asked to exercise at the same perceived rate of exertion, those who exercise outdoors actually achieve higher maximum heart rates and therefore are burning energy more efficiently. Win!

We have first-hand experience of this at TRIBE.MCR®. Our clients often tell us how surprised they feel by the effects of their training session on their mind and body, in the days after training. There are several theories that might explain why we have lower perceived rate of exertion outdoors; including improved temperature regulation, the boost of feel good hormones and the way our eyes and neurological system detect rate of movement.

Outdoor exercise is also known to improve social interaction. In a study comparing walking indoors and outdoors, conversations were more likely to be had outdoors. You may have noticed this yourself when taking a walk in the park, or between yourself and other runners. At our weekly Outdoor Group Training sessions, our clients have common ground in the fact they have made the decision to come outdoors to exercise, making a positive choice for their health. The joint sense of achievement is palpable. It is one of the aspects which keeps our clients coming back for more each week.

So there you have it. There are so many benefits to Outdoor exercise.

Go on. Give it a go. Get Outdoors with TRIBE.MCR®


You can join us every Wednesday at 6.30pm at Sadler’s Yard, Hanover Street, M60 0AB. Please book your spot via Eventbrite, or directly with us via email / or Instagram.

If you live in South Manchester, we will also be running a FREE Group Training session at 10.30am on Saturday 1st December in Marie Louise Gardens in Didsbury. This is ahead of the launch of Group Training in South Manchester in January 2019. Don’t miss out and book you spot here.